UWS Lactation Room

In fall 2017, UWS opened a dedicated lactation room for nursing students and staff. The space is tastefully furnished with a refrigerator, sink, hygiene necessities, table and a comfortable chair. We are still accepting donations to make this project the best it can be and would love to have your support. Donations of all sizes are welcome and gifts of $250 or more will be recognized on a permanent plaque inside of the room. Gifts can be made in honor of a new parent or another special person. You may make a gift at www.uws.edu/donate or by contacting Kelli Rule, development officer, at [email protected] or 503-847-2556

Angela Macdonald and daughter
Dr. Macdonald and her daughter at the 1997 DC pinning ceremony.

Angela Macdonald, DC, UWS graduating class of 1997, made a gift to help build the lactation room. She shares her thoughts on the impact this project has on the university, and society as a whole.

“I would never have done it any other way but I would be lying to say it was not a challenge, 21 years ago, having a baby and finishing my chiropractic degree. From the tears most mornings leaving her to the almost apologetic smiles I would offer other women walking in on me, standing in the bathrooms awkwardly fumbling with my breast pump, to the sleep lost to homework as I wanted to spend my evenings being a mom.

Congratulations to UWS for the initiative of a lactation room. Everything we do to support moms in school, supports the profession and shows society at large that women are valued and equally able to serve professionally as we strive to be the best moms we can be.

It’s an honor to be supporting the next wave of female chiropractors.”

Angela Macdonald, DC
Angela Macdonald, DC


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