Seven Toasty Tips to Get Warm and Stay Warm at Home and Outside

As we have made it through a record snow and ice storm, people in Portland are wary of the cold. Dr. James Strange, an attending physician and assistant professor at UWS, shares some quick and easy tips to keep warm outside and at home.

  • Warm yourself first – It is easier and faster to warm your body temperature than the room temperature.
  • Wear a hat outside – You lose body heat through your head, so having it covered will help keep you warmer.
  • Alternate between hot and cold water in the shower – The hot water will heat you up, but switching between hot and cold water will help with blood circulation.
  • Block drafts with towels or foam noodles – Placing a towel or foam noodle around the door will help to keep the cold air out and warm air in.
  • Get cooking – If the room is not warm enough and thermostat is not working make some chicken and dumplings (recipe below) or something else for dinner. The oven temperature can help heat up the room.
  • Layer your blankets – Thin and fluffy blankets should be close to you, while heavier, dense blankets should be on top to prevent heat loss.
  • Stuff your pockets with hand warmers – You can make hand warmers yourself by using two storage bags, water and calcium chloride ice melt pellets – all ingredients that can be found at your local store.

Stay warm and safe out there!