UWS and Siker Imaging Announce Affiliation

University of Western States and Siker Imaging Announce Imaging Affiliation

Partnership gives UWS diagnostic imaging residency students more training opportunities

In August 2016, University of Western States (UWS) entered into a collaborative agreement with Siker Medical Imaging and Intervention (SMI), a private outpatient diagnostic imaging company founded in 2004 in Portland, Oregon. SMI provides high-resolution MRI, CT scans, diagnostic ultrasound and digital X-ray services.

As part of this newly-founded relationship UWS radiology residents will be on site at one of two Siker Imaging facilities for educational observation as well as hands-on clinical learning through participation with a variety of technologists, radiologists and patients.

“This is such an exciting educational opportunity for our residents,” Dr. Beverly Harger, director of radiology at UWS said. “Our relationship with SMI will give our residents direct access to advanced imaging modalities such as MRI and CT, enhancing their development of skills necessary for comprehensive imaging interpretation.”

Another part of this agreement is that UWS imaging center staff will be interpreting x-ray studies for patients referred to SMI from Portland-area chiropractic physicians.

“Siker Imaging and our referring DCs value the UWS imaging team for its expertise in interpreting digital x-rays,” Sean Callaghan, chief operating officer at SMI said. “This is a great addition to our array of sub-specialty services.”

“This really is a great opportunity for University of Western States and Siker Imaging,” Dr. Harger said.  “While providing SMI with a valuable service, we are also providing excellent learning opportunities for our residents. The affiliation also gives us direct contact with referring chiropractic physicians in our community, not only our alumni but also those not affiliated with the university. This is a great way to foster our relationship with these important groups.”

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