UWS faculty Dr. Daniel Redwood gets the cover of the September ACA News

The director of the human nutrition and functional medicine program at University of Western States (UWS), Daniel Redwood, DC, recently made the front cover of ACA News for his article, “How many visits? Chiropractic dose-response research.”

The article discusses the various studies that have been done to put a figure on the number of visits to a chiropractic physician that are necessary for the average patient to receive maximum benefit for the conditions most often treated, including headaches, lower back pain and neck pain. The article also cites research recently done by fellow UWS faculty member Mitch Haas, DC, MA, who serves as associate vice president of research at UWS.

According to the article:

“The key finding on this economically and politically sensitive issue is that 12 chiropractic sessions with spinal manipulation ‘can have a modicum of benefit in LBP-related pain and disability without significantly increasing treatment or societal costs.’ In other words, the financial gain from an early return to work balances out the financial loss related to the cost of chiropractic treatment.”

Dr. Redwood is also launching a 10-hour series of online continuing education courses, Defending Chiropractic: Using Research to Defend and Promote Chiropractic, which can be accessed at uws.edu/ce/online-continuing-education-programs/.

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