How to remain fit after the playing days are over

By: Phillip Dugas, ESS adjust faculty

As a former college athlete, it’s important to me to remain in shape after the playing days are over. I think this is a goal of many athletes, but after years of keeping your body in top condition, eating a certain way, and being active on a daily basis, it is easy to fall into a lazy lull. Taking a few months off turns into taking a few year away from exercise and then we find ourselves out of shape and our once athletic bodies are no longer. How can we avoid this negative change? For me, it has been simple. Stay active and make this a top priority.

Fresh off a college or short professional career it was easy to stay involved in big games of basketball, softball, and men’s league baseball. Going to the gym was a no brainer and I could still eat whatever I wanted. As this phase of my life ended and family life began, I hung up my weekend warrior attire and traded it in for bottles and diapers! It is important that we keep our bodies in good physical shape as we start families and careers. Keeping our bodies physically fit helps to improve our eating and sleeping habits, which in turn makes each more productive at work and as parents and spouses.

Five key things actions:

  • Keep a daily schedule journal – write it down
  • Start your day with some type of exercise – sit-ups, a run, or gym time
  • Eat a healthy breakfast – this is a must to curb your appetite and give you energy for the day
  • Use a plyo ball instead of a desk chair – this will strengthen your core
  • Make time for your healthy lifestyle – wake up 5 minutes early and get it done