Online Courses Reduce Time to Earn DC Degree

StraighterLine, a leading provider of affordable, self-paced online college courses, has partnered with University of Western States (UWS), a leader in integrated health care education. StraighterLine will provide ultra-affordable, online access to the undergraduate prerequisite college courses needed for the UWS Doctor of Chiropractic program.University of Western States, based in Portland, Ore., is the second oldest chiropractic education program in the world. “We are thrilled to expand our online offerings by accepting StraighterLine’s low-cost online college courses as prerequisites for the Doctor of Chiropractic program,” says Peter Szucs, dean of undergraduate studies at UWS.

A More Affordable and Flexible Model

The University of Western States Doctor of Chiropractic program provides training for students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become a primary care chiropractic physician that delivers patient-centered care. The DC degree program is a rigorous four-year, first-professional doctorate program. By starting with StraighterLine, students can accelerate their time to degree completion.

With StraighterLine, future DC students at UWS can complete prerequisite undergraduate coursework 100 percent online.

About StraighterLine

StraighterLine was founded in 2009, by Burck Smith as a solution to the rising costs of college education. Burck set out to discover why prices for online courses were the same or higher than those of on-campus courses. Using relationships with colleges, publishers and policymakers that were forged in his 15 years of online higher education experience, Burck created StraighterLine, a way for students to get low-priced – but equal quality – college credit. StraighterLine students have transferred over 26,000 StraighterLine credits to America’s colleges. In addition to StraighterLine’s over 70 Partner Colleges, over 400 additional colleges have accepted credit for StraighterLine courses. StraighterLine’s courses are evaluated and recommended by the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT). More than 2,000 colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommendations in determining the applicability of coursework and examination results to their courses and degree programs.


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