UWS Students Excel Again on Board Exams

UWS students exceed the mean pass rate of all applicants for the tenth straight year

PORTLAND, Ore., January 22, 2013 – The University of Western States (UWS), a leader in the education of health care professionals, today announced that its chiropractic students have again achieved distinction in their pass rate of the recent National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) licensure exams by exceeding the national average pass rate. The exams are administered twice a year in the U.S. and other countries to promote high standards of excellence and to demonstrate the competence of qualified applicants for licensure.

“We attract extremely bright students to the university because of our strong doctor of chiropractic (DC) program, and the reputation of our faculty,” said Dr. William Borman, interim dean of the college of chiropractic. “The DC program ensures that every student is equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to serve as compassionate and competent chiropractic physicians.”

The NBCE Exams

The NBCE exams, divided into four parts, are administered throughout the course of a student’s enrollment in a DC program. Part I of the NBCE exam is taken during the student’s second year, and consists of six sections that cover general anatomy, spinal anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pathology and microbiology. Part II is taken at the end of the student’s third year, and encompasses general diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, neuromuscoloskeletal diagnosis, principles of chiropractic, chiropractic practice and associated clinical sciences. Part III, also administered in the student’s third year, is based on a series of clinical case vignettes. Part IV of the exam is taken prior to graduation and evaluates students on their practical skills with patients in simulated environments.

“The UWS program is extensive and rigorous,” said Montserrat Andreys, a fourth-year student in the DC program. “The administration and faculty are focused on making us great doctors, and they expect a lot from us. The added benefit is that their high expectations are reflected in our board scores. The classroom instruction, the support of my professors, and the opportunity to practice what I’ve learned in a clinical environment is preparing me not only for a great career in health care, but to always provide exceptional, safe and effective care for my patients.”

About the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) is the principal licensure testing agency for the chiropractic profession. Established in 1963, the NBCE develops and administers standardized national examinations according to established guidelines. In providing standardized written and performance assessments for licensure in the chiropractic profession, the NBCE develops, administers, analyzes, scores, and reports results from various examinations. The NBCE scores are among the criteria utilized by state licensing agencies to determine whether applicants satisfy state qualifications for licensure.

About the University of Western States

A world leader in the education of health care professionals, the University of Western States (UWS) provides a science-driven curriculum that delivers a solid foundation and competitive edge in preparing students for clinical practice. UWS is a regionally accredited, non-profit institution dedicated to improving the health of society through its education programs, research and clinical services. Founded in 1904, the University offers a Doctor of Chiropractic degree program, Master of Science degree programs in Exercise and Sports Science and in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, a Massage Therapy Certification program, and accredited Continuing Education programs for licensed health care professionals. UWS is a founding member of the Oregon Collaborate for Integrative Medicine, an organization that aims to advance integrative health care through education, research, patient care and advocacy.