Exercise & Sports Science program assists at the 2011 Dew Tour

2011 Dew Tour Portland Chiropractic Outreach EventThe Rose Garden roared to life for the 7th Annual Dew Tour on August 11 to 13 in which skateboarders and BMX riders converged. Two faculty members and two UWS students were on site to help with first aid and medical evaluation.

Dr. Craig Kawaoka, the Clinical Director of the Masters in Exercise and Sports Science Program and Dr. Jun Kawaguchi, the Clinical Supervising Physician of the Masters in Exercise & Sports Science Program, along with MS students David Martin and Karlie Steiner-Bailey, attended the Dew Tour to assist first responders and treat the athletes.

2011 Dew Tour Portland Chiropractic Outreach EventDr. Kawaguchi said he spent a lot of time observing the other chiropractors on site and how they operated. “I was impressed by their rehearsing with an athlete on the floor after head trauma. They would do scenarios so they were ready for the actual situations.”

Dr. Kawaguchi lent a hand as well, performing several adjustments, taping ankle sprains and evaluating potential fractures of some BMX riders who had collided.

David Martin, in his 11th quarter, said he would love to work with the Dew Tour and the medical staff from WMW Corporation again.

“I was able to meet many healthcare providers from around the country and I was impressed with their efficiency and the level of respect that they showed to each person’s profession,” Martin said. “Everyone conducted themselves in a professional manner and provided quality healthcare to all the athletes at the Dew Tour. I was truly impressed with the caliber of the WMI Corporation Medical Staff that were working this event.”

Photos Courtesy of WMI Corporation Achieves (C) 2011