UWS Policies

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If you have any questions about institutional policies please contact universitypolicies@uws.edu.

Academic (1200s)

Policy 1201 (B) Academic Programs
Policy 1202 Alternatives to Human Dissection Laboratory
Policy 1203 Enrollment Status
Policy 1204 Attendance and Tardiness
Policy 1205 BS Human Biology Completion Program
Policy 1206 Participation Requirements
Policy 1207 Grading System
Policy 1207 – Grading System-Incomplete Contract (FORM)
Policy 1208 (B) Student Accommodations
Policy 1209 Course Exemption
Policy 1210 Credit Hour Definition
Policy 1211 Grade Appeal
Policy 1212 Classroom Models
Policy 1213 Academic Program Review
Policy 1214 Non-Degree Students – Graduate Studies
Policy 1215 Drop Add
Policy 1216 – Prior Learning Assessment
Policy 1217 Examination Administration
Policy 1219 DC Graduate Enrollment in Core Curriculum Courses
Policy 1220 Graduation Requirements – DC Program
Policy 1221 Split Notification Deadline – DC Program
Policy 1223 Make-Up Examinations
Policy 1224 National Board Eligibility
Policy 1225 Involuntary Leave of Absence
Policy 1226 Normal Course Load and Progress (DC Program)
Policy 1228 Postgraduate Residency in Radiology
Policy 1229 Registration for Courses that Conflict
Policy 1231 Student Record Retention and Disposal
Policy 1232 Student Record Privacy (FERPA)
Policy 1233 Academic Standing – DC and Undergraduate Studies
Policy 1234 Academic Standing – Graduate Studies
Policy 1236 Independent Study
Policy 1237 Transcripts
Policy 1239 Leave of Absence and Withdrawal
Policy 1240 Electives
Policy 1241 Scholarship Defined
Policy 1242 Dean’s List and Graduation Honors

Communications (2500s)*

Policy 2503 Social Media

If you have any questions about communications policies, please email communications.

Continuing Education (5000s)*

Policy 5001 Continuing Education

If you have any questions about continuing education policies please contact the continuing education department.