Doctor of Chiropractic

Degree: Doctorate

Duration: 12 quarters


The purpose of the doctor of chiropractic degree program is to provide training for students to develop the knowledge, skills, values and behaviors necessary to become primary care chiropractic physicians that apply best evidence, critical thinking, effective procedures, and professional integrity in the delivery of patient-centered care.


The doctor of chiropractic program (DC) is a rigorous 12 academic-quarter, first-professional doctorate program that can be completed in three-four years. The DC program must be completed within six calendar years of the date of matriculation, including leaves of absence and any other period of non-enrollment.

Graduates of the chiropractic program are primary care chiropractic physicians that have demonstrated mastery of the program’s competencies, all of which support and underpin knowledge, skills, critical thinking and professionalism expected of competent, caring chiropractic physicians.

Through demonstration of the program’s competencies and abilities, the graduate chiropractic physician from the DC program is prepared to positively impact their patients, communities and chiropractic profession.

The program focuses on legitimate, mainstream evidence in the exploration of evaluation and care of patients and their needs. While at UWS, students learn, critique and master the complexities and intricacies of treating the whole human being. The faculty carefully instruct, mentor and guide students through the process of transforming into a physician—in thought and deed.

Why choose UWS to receive your chiropractic education?


When do you start? Fall term begins in October. Winter term begins in January.