Rachel Steinbarger Headshot

Rachel Steinbarger

Current UWS student Rachel Steinbarger was recently hired as the new Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Success for Texas


Amy O’Hana

Dr. Amy O’Hana has been a full-time faculty member in the clinical mental health counseling program since 2021. She graduated


Amanda Leibovitz

Dr. Amanda Leibovitz earned a PhD in educational psychology with a concentration in the psychosocial aspects of sport and


Patience Lee

Dr. Patience Lee has over 25+ years of child welfare experience working in domestic foster care, private adoption, refugee and

Shanelle Clay

Shanelle Clay

Professor Clay is a licensed professional counselor in the District of Columbia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and a national certified

Ryan Vitatoe

Ryan Vitatoe

Dr. Ryan Vitatoe lives in Harlan County, Kentucky, deep in the heart of Southeastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia. He is


Thomas Dooley

Thomas is a graduate of Western Oregon University and holds a Master of Science in rehabilitation counseling, a specialty area

Elaina Chu Headshot

Elaina Chu

Bio: Elaina is a caring athlete and coach who is passionate about improving mental well-being and health awareness within the

Chris Untiedt

Chris Untiedt

Chris Untiedt is a professional counselor associate in Oregon. He completed his master’s in counseling at Oregon State

Lindsay Samelko

Lindsay Samelko

Lindsay Samelko earned a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 and is currently

Jennifer Connell Doctorovich Headshot

Jennifer Doctorovich

Bio: Jennifer Doctorovich currently resides in Houston, Texas. She has an eclectic background beginning with being a trained


Tamara Harris

Dr. Harris is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in helping athletes overcome obstacles and mental blocks

Rebecca Rios Headshot

Rebecca Rios

Bio: Rebecca Rios is a certified behavior technician at Spark Behavioral & Associates LLC and has worked with children with

Bernadette Correa Head Shot

Bernadette Correa

Bio: Bernadette Correa currently holds various roles at the college level including in athletics and residence life. She has over