Tamara Harris

Core Faculty, Part-Time, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Harris is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in helping athletes overcome obstacles and mental blocks preventing them from reaching their peak performance. She also assists business individuals, exercise enthusiasts, and non-sport performers to reach and maintain optimal performance as they strive to meet their unique goals for success.

Dr. Harris has a true passion for helping others discover their own unique strengths and abilities for the becoming the BEST version of themselves. Dr. Harris’ inspiration and passion for becoming a Sport Psychology Consultant originates from discovering her strengths and abilities as she built resilience and bounced back from her own personal life challenges in life.

Dr. Harris enjoys spending quality time with her two beautiful teenage girls. She also has a passion for yoga, working out, kick boxing, reading and fishing. In her spare time, Dr. Harris serves as a volunteer for Covenant House Texas, a homeless shelter for youth.