Hood to Coast Relay team and student club formed

Last summer, novice runner Marie Rudback, thought it would be a fun to complete in the Hood to Coast Relay Race.

She researched the race and found out that it was pretty competitive to get a team registered. It was highly unlikely that she could be so lucky to be chosen in the lottery system, yet she mailed off the application anyway.

In November, Rudback was notified that her application was chosen and she was able to register a team of runners to participate in “the mother of all relay races.” This was pretty amazing, especially when more than 1,500 other applications were denied.

Within a few weeks a random gathering of new and old friends created a new Hood to Coast Team. So many of her classmates were excited and inspired that it was requested that a school club be formed to support runners and training.

A new club this year is the Hood to Coast Training Club. The club has experienced runners and those very new to the sport. All fitness and ability levels are welcome. The basis for this club is to aid in the training and fitness level of UWS students for running events. You don’t have to commit to an event, if you just want to run with a group of like-minded classmates, you are welcome to join.

Group runs are projected to once a week and monthly club meetings are on the horizon. If you want to run with classmates, learn more about running and nutrition, be part of the Hood To Coast Team or a volunteer for the club or events, contact Marie Rudback via email at [email protected].

Also note, there is a communications board in the gym for student athletes to share training schedules. Check it out if you are curious about other athletics on campus.

If you would like to learn more about the Hood To Coast Relay visit the website: www.hoodtocoast.com

– Written and submitted by Marie Rudback. Image from hoodtocoast.com.

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