The heart of UWS’ chiropractic program

“At UWS we considered ourselves to be ‘evidence-based’ before the term ever came about,” Dr. Lester Partna says about the UWS chiropractic program. “The evidence-based approach uses the best available external evidence from systematic research, combines it with the doctor’s own clinical experience, and considers each patient’s own unique values and expectations.”

Dr. Partna, a professor and the Chair of Chiropractic Sciences, says the UWS Chiropractic program does not ignore the history and tradition of chiropractic, but emphasizes the use of evidence-based methods of inquiry and analysis. As the evidence evolves, the curriculum evolves.

The integrated approach of the UWS program incorporates information and principles from a wide variety of sources and techniques. “We borrow from the best. If it has good data to back it up, a broad-based track record of success, or an acceptable degree of biological plausibility, we’ll teach it,” Dr. Partna says.

When it comes to the adjusting skills of his students, Dr. Partna says, “I would take a student or recent graduate of ours and match them against those of any other institution. If there were an adjusting Olympics, I would confidently expect UWS students to be at the top in adjusting skills.”