Teddy B. Sim Jr., DC

DC Alumnus

teddy sim

Catching Up: Five Questions and a Wildcard

Graduated: December 2010

Currently living: Las Vegas, Nevada

Prior Schooling: University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Bachelors of Science in Kinesiological Sciences.

1. Tell us about what you have been up to since graduation? What are you doing now?

After working as an associate chiropractor for the past three years, I decided to go on my own and start my own practice- ChiropracTED, LLC.

ChiropracTED has been in business for the last month and my numbers have grown every week almost to a point where I am reaching my maximum per day. After adjusting patients, I teach different aerobic fitness formats, predominately Zumba® fitness. More than 50 percent of my patients either come from my classes or the different gyms where I teach classes and work. I was voted one of the “Top Docs” by MyVegas magazine.

I also broke the record for America’s Largest Zumba® Class with 6,218 students, which took place in February 2014.  I was also awarded with Senatorial Recognition from Senator Dean Heller for organizing a Zumba® event for the American Heart Association on Stroke (2014) and Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Shelly Berkley for my dedication and support to education in southern Nevada (2011) and recognition from the Center for Academic Enrichment and I was named the Outreach McNair Scholar of the Year of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (2011).

2. When you look back at your experience at UWS, what sticks out the most? How did your time at UWS prepare you for your career/life?

What helped the most was the intense training we had  ̶ technically and clinically. The process it took, to prepare us to get us to graduate was not easy. The long hours of studying in the library, open labs to practice our adjusting techniques, and going in the anatomy lab during the day to study the cadavers and leaving late at night. My time at UWS prepared me for my career and life by building a foundation of what chiropractic is. Whenever I have a question or get stuck with any chiropractic case, I blow the dust from my UWS clinic notes and every time I get the answer I need.

3. Are you still close to any of your classmates and do you try to get together?

Yes. Two people in particular – Kendra Killian Davis (our December 2010 valedictorian) and Angel Ochoa. Kendra and I have a very close relationship, she is pretty much my sister and I trust her with anything and everything. Angel is starting the National Chiropractic GLBT association and has recruited me to be a part of it.

4. What made you choose UWS over other schools?

It was all based on my geographical preference. Portland is beautiful. I love everything about Portland: trees, the air, the hiking, the culture, the food… EVERYTHING. Another factor, influencing my decision, was I joined the Oregon Air National Guard, while I attended UWS.

5. What made you decide on this education/career path?

When I was deployed in Iraq I had my first low-back injury experience. The heavy bags and equipment completely ruined my body!  The chiropractor on base took very good care of me and this is what sparked my interested in chiropractic medicine.

Wildcards. What was your favorite thing about Portland? Portland’s outdoors. Hiking was like heaven in Portland.

Pick a song that reminds you of your time on campus. “Paper Planes” by M.I.A because I saw her live in Portland. Ever since then, she was on my laptop, iPod, and car blasting her “paper planes” song.