Nathan Cashion

DC & Sports Med Student

nathan cashion

Expected Graduation Date: March 2016
Program/Concentration: Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Science in sports medicine
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Prior schooling or work experience: BS in exercise science and five years in educational technology support

Brief Bio: Nathan was born and raised in Southern California and has always maintained an active lifestyle. He has participated in sports and activities from soccer and cross-country during high school, to professional ballroom dancing during university. He has a love for technology and new media and is the host of Exploring Chiropractic, a podcast for chiropractic students.

1. Why did you choose UWS? Why did you choose your program/concentration?

I started looking at chiropractic schools in 2000, after graduating high school. As part of this exploration, I visited five schools across the country. I chose UWS for its evidence-based curriculum, sports medicine program and proximity to the trails and camping in the Gorge.

2. What has been your favorite class/instructor?

Jim Carollo (now retired) was by far the most engaging and challenging instructor. I have had a passion for anatomy since I was young, and his lectures and precise instruction in the anatomy lab only amplified that interest.

3. What is your favorite part about attending UWS as a student?

I am a research geek (and president of the Research & Journal Club) so I love having access to as many free journal articles as I can get my hands on. Though, I hardly ever have time to read them with all of my homework.

4. What has been the most surprising part of attending UWS?

Many of my classmates had never been adjusted or taken an anatomy class. While some people have a strong background in health care via massage, personal training or family members who are chiropractors, others have had more traditional career paths in unrelated areas. I was also surprised to find some students who ascribe to a more traditional chiropractic philosophy while others have never heard of the concepts of “Innate Intelligence” or subluxation. It has been interesting to see the broad variety of backgrounds of students and to learn from their experiences.

5. What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to combine my passions for trail running, wilderness medicine and dance medicine in some shape or form. Because of my wide interests, I’m not fully certain about how I want to build my practice. For now I’m considering working as an associate, doing house calls or locum tenens (vacation relief).

6. Wild Card: Favorite way to get some stress out from school?

I love to run the trails in the Columbia River Gorge or volunteer my emergency care and aid-station-prepping skills at ultramarathon races around Mt. Hood.