Rebekah Wilks

DC Student


Program & Concentration: Doctor of Chiropractic

Hometown: Slaton, TX

Expected Graduation Date: 2018

Rebekah Wilks graduated with highest honors from the Texas Tech University with a double major in cell and molecular biology and general studies (business, chemistry and communications)​​. While in college, she interned in the White House for the President’s Commission on White House Fellows and the U.S. Senate with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Her senior thesis, entitled “A systematic comparison of diabetes mellitus type 2 and polycystic ovarian syndrome” revealed to Rebekah the world of holistic health, and a quest for knowledge on the world of alternative medicine began. After graduation, Rebekah took an educational hiatus to travel the world working as an on-board television studio director, host and producer for Food & Wine Magazine onboard Holland America Cruise Lines.  Rebekah is currently works toward creating a​ positive national dialogue on public awareness for chiropractic. She also serves UWS as the Associated Student Body President, is the national liaison for the American Chiropractic Association’s Rehab Council and is vice president for the Portland chapter of the Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine (SAIM), the student affiliate of the Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine (OCIM).

Why did you choose UWS? Why did you choose your program/concentration?
UWS is deeply rooted in the Portland community and has a reputation for being one of the best evidence-based schools in the country. Additionally, the curriculum is very logical and conducive for learning, and Oregon law allows UWS to train students with a broad scope of practice. I chose chiropractic because the field is focused on finding the root cause of the condition and is dedicated to affordable, non-invasive and holistic care that truly revolves around the patient’s wants and needs.

What has been your favorite class/instructor?
All of the UWS faculty members provide a distinct viewpoint with different learning objectives that are equally valuable and interesting.

What is your favorite part about attending UWS as a student?
The faculty and staff are very attentive to the educational needs of the students. I have also appreciated how everyone has welcomed me as a transfer student to the UWS family.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
I plan to utilize my background in television and public speaking to raise awareness for the profession as a safe, affordable and non-invasive alternative that works to heal the root cause of the condition. I also plan on advocating for inter- and intra-professional collaboration and cooperation, patient and public education, inclusive and protective legislation and well-constructed research while being heavily involved with national, state, and local political and professional communities. I will continue to work toward making chiropractic more understood and accessible to the public and will also promote integrative and transformative patient-centered care. I plan on immediately using my cruise ship background and connections to present chiropractic as an alternative to passengers at sea and hope to eventually practice in southern California, but remain open to other opportunities that may present themselves.