Gretchen Ulrich

HNFM Student

gretchen ulrich

Program & Concentration: Master of Science in human nutrition and functional medicine

Hometown: Tillamook, OR

Expected Graduation Date: June 2016

Prior Education or Experience: Along with having a Bachelor of Science in psychology, Gretchen is currently working at Functional Medicine of Bend as a nutrition and health coach for a functional medicine nurse practitioner. She has also worked for the last twelve years with adults and families that suffer from severe and persistent mental illness.

Gretchen loves the Oregon coast, connecting with nature, being creative in the kitchen, yoga, and using essential oils and plants to heal. She also loves growing a garden rather than a lawn and exploring a variety of health and recipe books.

Why did you choose UWS? Why did you choose HNFM?
I chose UWS because it is an accredited university and has a strong science base with an integrative and holistic approach. I also wanted to focus on my passion for food as medicine and learn more about the root cause of illnesses. There is now an opportunity to take board exams after completing the HNFM program for a nutritionist license and nutrition specialist certification – a huge bonus!

What has been your favorite class/instructor?
Honestly, I have enjoyed all of my classes and instructors. I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing and diverse community including students, instructors, admissions, IT and financial aid departments.

What has been your experience with learning in HNFM’s online environment?
I have found it easier to navigate and participate through online learning environment at UWS than other on-campus programs.

What has been the most surprising part of the HNFM program at UWS?
How much I enjoy this master’s level program! Yes it’s stressful, yes it’s a lot of work, but I love every moment of it!

What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation I would like to sit for board exams to become a licensed nutritionist. Also, I am inspired by working with children creating edible education programs. Alice Waters paved the way for this beautiful project encompassing garden and kitchen classroom settings. Edible education programs provide a hands-on environment for students in which to apply skills learned in traditional math, science and humanities classes.

Favorite way to get some stress out from school?
A few of my favorite ways to de-stress from school are my daily yoga practice, making my own herbal teas, going to farmers markets, creating culinary medicine and spending time on the beach with my family.