Noah Edvalson, DC

DC Alumni

noah edvalson

1. What were you doing before you came to UWS?
 Trying to make my future wife fall in love with me. I was also working as an Internet Marketing Consultant for startup companies.

 2. What might someone be surprised to know about you?  During my undergrad, I took a summer off to travel in West Africa. I spent more than two months hitchhiking, walking,and riding overcrowded minivans through Ghana. Since they lost my luggage on the flight over, I only had one change of clothing the entire time. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

3. What was one of the most challenging aspects about your classes? 
Just the amount of time and hours required in class was difficult to manage. Sitting in class most of the day during the first couple years was taxing.

4. During the tough times at school, who kept you going?
 My kind, caring and supportive wife. She always believed in me, and she was patient with me during the tough times.

5. Tell me a few of the things that are rewarding about being a chiropractor.
 I love working with a variety of people (from chronic disease to professional athletes) and offering them safe alternatives to drugs and surgery. When you empower a patient with lifestyle tools to improve their health, you are able to witness real transformations.  We often get to see immediate results from our care. Some patients come in with pain and leave with no pain at all.  I also enjoy the autonomy that chiropractic offers me, so that I can always work my schedule around my family and interests.

6. How will you build your career? Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
I plan to continue the growth of my clinic – the Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine. We plan to expand our services to include a wide array of alternative therapies and community education opportunities. I am pleased with my current level of success, but I would like to implement more systems that make more efficient use of my time, so that I can spend more time working directly with patients and away from the clinic with family and hobbies.

7. What’s something you’d like to see happen at UWS?
 Sometimes it feels like the profession is in limbo, and I would like to see UWS take more of a lead in expanding the scope and practice of chiropractors. As insurances continue to slash the codes and the amounts being reimbursed, it is tough to see the profession pigeon holed.