Josie Ball, DC

DC & ESS Alumni

josie ball

1. How did you end up at UWS?
 I first heard about UWS from the chiropractor I was working for and being treated by. He was the one who got me interested in becoming a chiropractor and suggested that I look into the school. My first impression of the school was that it was small, friendly, comfortable and forward-thinking in terms of chiropractic and sports medicine. And it’s location! How many schools are set in the middle of a neighborhood?

2. What was one of the most challenging aspects about your classes?
 Balancing my time. Being in dual programs (the DC and MSESS) you had to make sure you were balanced as well as using time management skills.

3. Who was your favorite professor?
 Craig Kawaoka. He taught me the importance of thinking outside the box and using my knowledge in unique ways. Still to this day I use many techniques and lessons that I learned from him.

4. Let’s talk Portland. What are some of the things you liked best about UWS’s hometown?
 The two things I enjoyed most about Portland were the closeness of all the outdoor activities (Mount Hood, Cannon Beach, Hood River, Floating the Sandy River etc.) and the amazing food, Oh I miss the food (Los Gorditos, Pine State Biscuits, Chai Thai, The matador, East Burn, Anoush Deli to name a few).

5. What’s the best thing that’s happened since you’ve graduated? 
I have had the opportunity to become the team chiropractor for our local professional soccer team, local rodeo and work on medical staff for many local events as well as be a part of the athletic medicine advisory board for a local school district.

6. Name a few of the rewarding parts of being a chiropractor.
 The most rewarding part of my job is watching a patient stand up after a treatment and watch the surprise and smile come across their face when they realize their pain is nearly or completely gone. Everyday I am still surprised by the joy I get watching someone, especially a first time chiropractic patient, get better and become pain free and perform more optimally. Working on kids is one of my favorite parts of my job. The speed at which kids recover from injury and pain is still amazing!

7. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
 In ten years I see myself heading up clinic with two to three other docs, working part time in the clinic and part time with my equine chiropractic business. Raising a family on the farm that my husband I and just purchased a few weeks ago.