Free Speech at UWS

University of Western States respects academic freedom and free speech. Engaging in respectful civic dialogue, both inside and outside the classroom, involves listening and gathering varied perspectives. UWS also strives to promote a safe campus environment free from discrimination and harassment. Read the full Policy 1004 Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment here.

All members of the UWS community are responsible for creating educational and work environments that respect diversity and that are free from discrimination. In creating such an environment, UWS calls for respectful discussion, no matter their personal or political views. This involves listening, being inclusive and being open to other ways of thinking. 

PaperClip Communications developed a PowerPoint presentation with tips to carry on respectful discussion and debate.

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Protected and Unprotected Speech

What is protected speech?
Free speech refers to one of the liberties afforded by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment prohibits the government from infringing upon:

• Freedom of religion
• Freedom of speech
• Freedom of the press
• The right to peacefully assemble
• The right to petition the government

What is unprotected speech?
Unprotected speech can include fighting words, obscenities, child pornography and intellectual property rights (copyrighted material).

Protected and Unprotected Speech HANDOUT

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