UWS Launches Doctor of Clinical Nutrition Degree

The University of Western States human nutrition and functional medicine program will begin offering an online doctor of clinical nutrition degree in fall 2021

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

The University of Western States (UWS) human nutrition and functional medicine (HNFM) department has added a doctor of clinical nutrition (DCN) degree and is accepting applications for fall 2021.

The two-year online program includes 65 quarter credits with emphasis on developing stronger clinical skills while encompassing a broader range of conditions and therapies. Faculty of the program come from a variety of nutrition backgrounds and are highly respected in the field.

“During my years as HNFM program director, many of our master’s degree students have asked whether UWS would consider offering a clinically-focused doctoral program where they could continue their studies, deepening their knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine,” said Dr. Daniel Redwood, HNFM program director. “To have now reached the point where our DCN program is ready to admit students to its inaugural class is a moment of deep satisfaction and hope for the future of UWS and all those it serves.”

The UWS DCN program utilizes a functional medicine model, enabling students to integrate the best available scientific evidence with a comprehensive, whole-person care approach. With this knowledge, doctors of clinical nutrition can develop targeted, individualized prevention plans to help reduce the risk of chronic illness and support optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being for the patients and clients they serve.

“The doctor of clinical nutrition program is a timely addition to the programs offered by UWS,” said Dr. Alisa Bates, dean, college of graduate studies. “Adding this additional option for those in the human nutrition and functional medicine community allows us to expand our support of the professional field and the quality of clinical career provided through this lens. With faculty whose backgrounds integrate conventional medicine and nutrition-focused health care, we are eager to bring their experience to students through our curriculum and learning experiences.” 

The DCN program is application-focused and supported by key clinical tools created by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the organization which founded and developed many functional medicine concepts used today. UWS and IFM have a global agreement that leads to further collaboration between the two institutions, including integration of IFM’s novel patient assessment tools.

Graduates of the UWS DCN program may seek careers as a nutritionist, solo practitioner,* health and wellness coach, educator, lecturer, author or within an integrated practice.

“The UWS DCN program will empower graduates to better address complex, challenging patient cases that require advanced functional medicine strategies to solve,” said Dr. Chris Browne, HNFM associate director. “By deepening their understanding of evidence-informed clinical nutrition practice, DCN students will learn to deliver the very best in therapeutic and preventive care. In a competitive health care marketplace, these skills and knowledge will support our graduates’ clinical and career success. As functional medicine continues to grow and develop, we envision our DCNs as leaders in the field, helping more patients and communities to gain access to the healing power of nutrition.”

The doctor of clinical nutrition degree will be a meaningful extension to the robust Master of Science degree within the College of Graduate Studies at UWS. The enhanced clinical skillset conferred by the program will enable better realization of a whole-person care approach along with an improved capacity for developing and maintaining a meaningful therapeutic relationship with the patient.

About Nutrition Licensure

*Nutrition licensure varies state-by-state and is evolving toward greater inclusivity. Check out the valuable resource, theana.org/advocate, to learn more about the particular laws in your state and keep updated on the newest initiatives affecting the nutrition world.

It is the responsibility of the individual student to understand and comply with all relevant local or jurisdictional requirements for clinical practice, which are highly variable and subject to periodic change. UWS makes no representation or guarantee that completion of UWS coursework or programs will permit an individual to obtain certification, licensure or other authorization to practice in any specific jurisdiction.

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