Evidence-Informed Practice Faculty Training Program

ron lefebvre

University of Western States (UWS) faculty consistently refine their skills and knowledge they pass on to students through training in new evidence-informed practice (EIP) techniques and research practices. The university greatly values our faculty’s hard work in extensive training as it models the standard of being lifelong learners. Part of this deeper training faculty partake in is led by Dr. Ron LeFebvre, UWS clinical education professor and EIP coordinator.

Dr. LeFebvre’s program guides participants through a variety of EIP components including clinical literature searches, quality assessment and going further into how the application of the literature would directly benefit classroom instruction or patient education.

“One of the foundational principals here at UWS is that our clinical training is evidence-informed,” said Dr. LeFebvre. “After faculty complete this training, we can see that they are more confident integrating EIP skills and knowledge into their courses or on the clinic floor.”

UWS faculty members who have completed the program include Dr. James Strange, Dr. Amanda Armington, Dr. Kate Brown, Dr. Chad Lambert, Dr. Suzanne Lady and Dr. Craig Kawaoka.

“Going through this program has helped me directly teach some of the EIP courses in Q10/11, but more importantly, it has allowed me to become a better steward of the literature and develop skills and confidence when reading about studies that directly impact what we do as chiropractic physicians,” said Dr. Lady. “The program helped me become more familiar with the literature for conditions we co-manage with other providers in an interdisciplinary way.”