Student Speaker Guidelines

The student commencement ceremony speaker serves as the representative for graduating students and celebrates the accomplishments of the graduating class. The student speaker presents an inclusive and inspiring message for the future that honors graduates of all university programs.

Maximum speech length: 3 minutes

Suggested themes

  • The significance of commencement
  • Opportunities ahead
  • Challenges overcome
  • Expressing thanks for the support received from friends and family
  • Expressing thanks to faculty and mentors
  • Becoming excellent health care professionals and citizens
  • Service to patients, clients and communities
  • The power of patient-centered, whole-person health care
  • Joining a community of alumni and other like-minded health care professionals

Topics to avoid

  • Non-academic socializing
  • Anecdotes or inside jokes that are not inclusive of graduates from all programs
  • Any topic that is inconsiderate or disrespectful