Bill Borman, PhD

Professor, Basic Sciences



Phone: 503-251-5722

Bill Borman, Ph.D began his career at UWS in 1994 as a faculty member in the department of basic sciences. He earned his doctorate in anatomy and cell biology from the Medical College of Wisconsin. As a product of his graduate research, Dr. Borman was awarded both the prestigious Jan Langman award and the Outstanding Dissertation award in two separate annual conferences of the American Association of Anatomists. For several years Dr. Borman served as professor and chair of the basic sciences department and taught courses in gross anatomy, cell biology, histology and human development. During that time he also held executive leadership positions in the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Association.

In 2013, Dr. Borman accepted the appointment as dean of the college of chiropractic. In this capacity he works collaboratively with the four department chairs (basic sciences, chiropractic sciences, clinical sciences and clinical education) and the associate vice president of assessment and clinical internship to optimize the doctor of chiropractic program (DCP) curriculum and clinical experience. The UWS DCP is renowned for the depth and breadth of its curriculum and for the evidence-informed approach to chiropractic education. Integrating health and science for the good of the patient is paramount for everyone who works and learns at UWS. Dr. Borman continues to keep his hands in the program, literally, by continuing to teach in the first gross anatomy dissection course. If you ask him he’ll admit working with students in the anatomy lab is still, by far, his favorite part of his job.

Dr. Borman has been an active participant in programmatic accreditation with the Council on Chiropractic Education since 2001. In this capacity he routinely participates in, or chairs, site teams as they visit the various DC programs around the country as part of the process of reaffirmation of accreditation. Since 2007, Dr. Borman has done similar work for the regional Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. In his spare time, Dr. Borman is most likely to be found working on a “do it yourself” project around the home. Whether it’s a project inside the house or out in the yard, he’s always up for the challenge and gratification of taking on a new project.