Patrick Battaglia, DC, DACBR

Assistant Vice President, Community-Based Clinical Education

Patrick Battaglia, DC, DACBR, is the Assistant Vice President of Community-Based Clinical Education at University of Western States. Dr. Battaglia is a board-certified chiropractic physician, who has completed additional training and board-certification in chiropractic radiology. Dr. Battaglia’s experience includes integrating chiropractic care into large health systems, especially community-health centers, where he also provided direct patient care, student and resident instruction. Dr. Battaglia is passionate about providing diverse and immersive clinical experiences for chiropractic and other whole-health students.

“Community-based clinical education provides learners with real-world, diverse, and rigorous clinical experiences. Additionally, we have the opportunity to continually learn from and inform our community-based educators. With this model, we can provide high-quality and contemporary clinical experiences. In expanding community-based clinical education, we are ensuring UWS students are practice-ready upon graduation and will be able to thrive in a changing healthcare system.”