Megan Adams

DC & Sports Med Student

megan adams photo

Program/Concentration: DC, Sports Medicine

Expected Graduation Date: December 2014

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Prior Schooling or Work Experience: University of Oregon, human physiology major and biology minor

 1. Why did you choose UWS?  I choose UWS for its location. After graduating from college I really wanted to move back to Portland but I had zero idea of what I wanted to do. After seeing a chiropractor in Eugene to help with my headaches, he suggested I think about becoming a chiropractor. He mentioned that he went to UWS and suggested I look into attending. After doing some research and seeing that the school offered a master’s degree in sports medicine, I was sold. I’ve always known that I wanted my career to involve sports somehow. Becoming a sports chiropractor blends the worlds of working in a clinic setting with being able to work on the sidelines and in a training room.

2. What has been your favorite class/instructor?  I’ve really enjoyed the Advanced Sports Medicine III class that focuses on rehab. Every week I have been able to use something I’ve learned in the class with a patient. Because of this, both the patients and I have seen great results in their care.

 3. What is your favorite part about attending UWS as a student?  It definitely has to be treating patients at the school clinics and in the training room or at master’s events. It’s great to see all the hard work I’ve put into my education come into use while treating patients. It’s also enjoyable being able to interact with patients

4. What has been the most surprising part of attending UWS?  The diversity in the other student’s backgrounds has been the most surprising to me. In undergrad everyone in my major had similar backgrounds in some sort of health science. Here students come from all walks of life. It has been great to see their perspective in regards to school and their future careers.

5. What do you hope to do after graduation?  My plan A is to apply (and hopefully get) the master’s program fellowship position in January, take my CCSP and DACBSP exams in the next year then get hired as an associate either in Portland, San Francisco or San Diego. My long term goal is to work with either the USA rugby national team or the Olympic rugby 7’s program and eventually work my way to becoming a full time doctor at an Olympic training center.

6. Favorite way to get some stress out from school?  My favorite way to de-stress from school has been playing rugby. I have been playing for nine years. I started my freshman year at University of Oregon and have played my entire time at UWS. I’ve only recently decided to take a break and focus my time and energy on coaching. I now help coach my rugby club’s (ORSU) D2 women’s team. I’m also the head coach for the women’s rugby team at Lewis and Clark. I don’t have much of a life between school and rugby, but it’s definitely worth it. A big moment recently involved me playing in the D1 women’s national championship this past spring, where my team crushed it and won 42-10. How many other chiropractors get to say they’ve won a national championship?