Matthew Condie

SPP Adjunct Faculty

Matthew Condie, EdD, is an Australian-trained and based clinical psychologist. Throughout his career, he has held several key roles in clinical psychology including child protection, youth and adult mental health, forensic drug and alcohol, emergency psychiatric services, perinatal and infant mental health, and refugee mental health working in refugee camps abroad.

Dr. Condie grew up with sport in his veins and holds his relationship with sport as one of his passions and purposes. He was a successful track athlete during his high school years and still plays field hockey and netball when not spending time with his loved ones.

Dr. Condie’s previous dissertations were on the following topics:

“Sense of Belonging and Depression for Older Adults Transitioning into Full-time Care.”

 “Heavy weights on male body image: The relationship between self-esteem, sexual orientation and drive for muscularity in men.”

Dr. Condie holds the personal and professional values of respect (a tripod for himself, his students, and his peers), reflective practice, and trust (in ourselves, others and the process). He also values “practicing what we preach,” and the importance of a love of lifelong learning. He believes the attributes of resilience, consistency and passion, adaptability, investment and perseverance to be key ingredients for purposeful and meaningful success with bidirectional learning. Dr. Condie has also been a blended educator in both online and face-to-face tertiary education delivery.