Kurt and Justina Slonaker



Program & Concentration: 11th quarter DC student and 4th quarter massage student

Hometown: Wenatchee, Washington

A DC and an LMT are solid on their own, but stronger together. Working together can build a powerful business and allows chiropractors to provide broader care options to clients. Find out more from real life partners.

Brief Bio: We both lived and grew up in Wenatchee until we moved to Portland after we got married. We grew up together and started dating the end of our junior year in high school. We got married in 2011 at the age of 19, only a year after graduation!

1. What are the best parts of attending UWS at the same time? The best part about attending UWS at the same time is the ability to relate to one another regarding the challenges of our similar education. When your spouse is also in a program on campus, it is much easier to share what is happening in each other’s experience. There is a greater level of understanding between each other. The curriculum is relatable, and when necessary we can share knowledge with each other.

2. What made you and your husband decide to form this partnership? Do you plan to work together when you graduate? We saw the massage program as an opportunity close to home in a desirable field. It was an appealing one-year program that went hand in hand with a chiropractic education. At this point we hope to find ourselves owning a business together in the future, but realize we may need to explore other employments in the meantime.

3. What do you hope to achieve in the future with this partnership? We hope to build a practice together, where we can co-manage patients providing the highest quality integrated care.

4. What do you think will be the biggest challenges and/or rewards that come from working together? Since we haven’t worked together in a business environment, it’s tough to know if that could be a challenge. We don’t think it would be, but it’s possible. At this time we both think it would be very rewarding to work together, and put each other’s talents into the same business.

5. What makes you great partners? We have a strong relationship and a shared work ethic. We also really believe in helping people. Our strengths and weaknesses tend to differ enough to fill in the gaps of each other.

6. What about your partner annoys the heck out of you that you did not know before going to school together? He’s a procrastinator and I’m not.

7. Would you recommend this kind of partnership to other “dynamic duos” (both domestic partners and friend/family member)? Of course. We’ve had more fun now that we’re both attending UWS than when only one of us was.

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