Gloria Rendon, MS, LCAS, CCS

EdD-CMHC, SP Specialization Student

Gloria Rendon

Program & Concentration: EdD Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Sports and Performance Specialization

Hometown: Kingston, New York

Expected Graduation Date: 2020

Prior Education or Experience: Associate of Arts, Central Texas College; Bachelor of Applied Science, Campbell University; Masters of Addiction Counseling, Grand Canyon University

Bio – Gloria Rendon, MS, LCAS, CCS, is a licensed clinical addiction specialist and clinical counseling supervisor. She received her undergraduate degree from Campbell University in North Carolina and her graduate degree from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. She has been employed in several sectors of mental health including inpatient treatment for substance use disorders, outpatient recovery support for addiction, inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities, private practice and business and clinical development. Rendon takes pride in not only working with clients, but also with other clinicians and government agencies. Her areas of expertise have been primarily focused on substance use disorders as well as co-occurring disorders. She has been involved with the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, The Fisher House, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, local halfway house advocacy, legislation for the education of the public regarding HIV and Hepatitis C, the Zero Suicide Initiative, Joint Commission and national grant funding for chemical dependency education programs at the university level. Rendon hopes to expand her licensure on a national level, continue to develop clinical programs and treatment facilities and become a mental health professor.

Why did you choose UWS? 

UWS demonstrates succinct efforts to educate students by utilizing evidence-based practices, ethical behavior and by modeling professional doctoral standards. Since selecting UWS, the university continues to display their attention to detail within each degree curriculum. It is clear that professors are chosen based on their lived experiences, ability to provide thoughtful and honest instruction to students and support evidence-based material throughout each class. The advanced library support at UWS, user-friendly, web-based learning platform and several student-directed resource options make it a clear choice for a successful and enjoyable online learning experience.

Why did you choose your program/concentration? 

Addiction counseling and the treatment of co-occurring disorders has allowed me to consider the benefits of mentoring, coaching and motivation. Human behavior, thoughts and feelings are deeply intertwined. The EdD in clinical mental health counseling with a sport and performance specialization expands on these notions and broadens my personal understanding of the human condition. Unlike a focused approached of a singular niche of mental health–addiction–the EdD-CMHC, SP specialization degree casts a wide net to develop my personal understanding of human beings and offers training to better serve clients. I have a personal desire to explore with clients and other clinicians how to be our best person and this degree offers a means to research those theories, modalities and techniques.

What has been your favorite class/instructor? 

This is the most difficult question, but I would have to say that my favorite class so far has been Pre-Practicum with Dr. Julie Lerwick. I appreciated the opportunity to be a student versus being a licensed clinician. Dr. Lerwick’s approach to learning is soft but honest; directed, but patient. She afforded me the opportunity to look at my counseling techniques through another lens and offered copious amounts of feedback for me to reflect on. The pre-practicum class was beneficial and I appreciated the opportunity to record mock-sessions and watch them again in an attempt to learn, grow and be humble.

What is your favorite part about the online format of the program? 

The best part about UWS’s online format are the resources. It is wonderful to be able to save the articles, videos and web links for later use. Further, the online classrooms offer clear schedules for deadlines, requirements and expectations that are needed for a busy schedule like mine.

What made you decide on this education and career path? 

I was looking for more in my career and my personal development. I know I have more to offer the field of mental health and this degree provides me with the ability to research more topics, understand more aspects of mental health and learn how to implement those both as a clinician and a supervisor.

Favorite way to relieve stress from school? 

I take great pride in spending time with my family, at home and decorating. As someone who works full-time, is a dedicated mother and a doctoral learner, it is imperative to embrace relaxation and time for hobbies. The best way to relieve stress is to live in the moment, be grateful and understand that this journey is worth it.