David Marcarian


David Marcarian

David Marcarian is a NASA trained expert on electrophysiology and president of MyoVision. At 26 years old, he was awarded a $450,000 National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to design the MyoVision system. His latest design, the DynaROM, was recently featured in the American Medical Association’s (AMA) medical text, “The Practical Guide to Range of Motion Assessment.” Marcarian received a Master of Arts degree in psychology from San Jose State University. He also guest lectures at University of Western States and other chiropractic colleges on soft tissue injury evaluation and the power of objective data in a data driven world.

What inspires MyoVision to support UWS?
I believe that the future of chiropractic lies in integrating objective data and science into clinical practice. I’ve noticed that UWS students have a true desire to understand the science behind chiropractic medicine. Teaching classes on documentation at UWS, I have been extremely impressed with the students’ critical thinking skills and their ability to question without fear. This is what inspires me most.

How do your gifts to UWS benefit the MyoVision mission?
I want the students leaving school armed with the scientific training and tools necessary to defend and protect the patient’s right to proper chiropractic care. I want every student to understand the importance of objective data, and I want UWS students to be exposed to the highest quality tools. This gives them the ability to graduate and understand the kinds of questions they need to ask before investing in any technology. To have a team of students who graduate understanding the importance of objective data leads to a win-win for the reputation of chiropractic, UWS and MyoVision.

What are some things you are passionate about, including other charitable causes?
My greatest desire is to see justice done in every situation. I am very passionate about helping the homeless. I have a network of more than 50 homeless friends in Seattle. I meet with them almost daily and encourage them to do more with their lives. It was extremely rewarding when I met a man who spent 27 years of his life in prison and convinced him to enter the Salvation Army Program. It changed his life. He was on the verge of complete liver failure a year ago and is now 100 percent healthy, just by dropping drugs and living a healthy lifestyle.