Christeen Perkins

Chiropractic Student

Christeen Perkins

Program & Concentration: Doctor of Chiropractic

Hometown: Medford, Ore.

Expected Graduation Date: December 2019

Prior Education or Experience: Undergrad work at Sierra College in Rocklin, Calif., before finishing bachelor's degree in human biology at UWS

Why did you choose UWS?
UWS was the first school I looked at and was sold from the very beginning. Wanting to do my due diligence, I toured several other schools before committing to UWS. After touring the other schools, I returned to UWS for one more visit before making my final decision. Both times I toured UWS I was impressed by their dedication to evidence-informed teaching and practice as well as the advancement of the profession through the development of exceptional chiropractic physicians.

Why did you choose your program/concentration?
I decided I wanted to focus on women’s health after talking with a chiropractic physician who treats a lot of pregnant patients. It was in this conversation that I realized how much more women’s health is than just the nine months of pregnancy. This lead to me doing more research on women’s health and the different options I could explore as a chiropractic physician and now I cannot wait to learn more about serving this population. 

What has been your favorite class/instructor?
My favorite classes are the Clinical Phase classes and the entire Clinical Phase staff in the student assessment center (SAC). These labs were when I first felt like all my hard work was finally going to pay off while practicing patient care on the standardized patients. 

What is your favorite part about attending UWS as a student?
My favorite part of attending UWS is knowing that I am getting the best possible education a future chiropractic physician could ask for. I have also been lucky to make connections with professors and administrators who care just as much, if not more, about my success as I do.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to work in either a hospital setting or a collaborative clinic that focuses on women’s health. I believe that patients get the best care when their doctors are working as a team to determine the best treatments for the patient.

Favorite way to relieve stress from school?
My favorite way to relieve stress from school is to spend time with my retired horse, Pete, who lives in Gresham.