Carlie Sternfels

HNFM Student

carlie sternfels

Program & Concentration: Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Hometown: Thibodaux, La. Currently living in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Expected Graduation Date: December 2020

Prior Education or Experience: BS in Nutrition and Food Science; Registered Dietitian

Bio: Carlie moved from her Cajun hometown in Louisiana, to sunny Santa Cruz, California, to fulfill her desires of exploring the ocean and mountains and living a more active, healthy lifestyle. She loves learning about nutrition and the human body more and more each day and aspires to use this knowledge to help people become the healthiest and best versions of themselves.

Why did you choose UWS? 

I have always loved nutrition and fitness since I can remember, but I discovered functional medicine right after finishing my dietetic internship. After learning about the basics of nutrition, I knew there was something more. Healing the body through food and lifestyle changes was fascinating to me. I then stumbled upon University of Western States. I was intrigued by the curriculum of the human nutrition and functional medicine (HNFM) program and loved the fact that it was evidence-based. Seeing the array of highly educated and experienced professors and knowing that the program was 100% online confirmed my decision to attend UWS.

What has been your favorite class/instructor? 

It is really hard to choose, because I have honestly enjoyed all of the classes and instructors so far! I think I would have to say my favorite instructor has been Dr. Walsh. I have taken both of his classes Hormone and Neurotransmitter Regulation and Imbalances and Oxidative/Reductive Dynamics and Energy Production. He is extremely personable and engaging and his level of knowledge is outstanding. He does a great job of breaking down the material and ensuring that we understand it while still allowing us to think critically.

What is your favorite part about the online format of the program?

My favorite part about the online format is how easy it is to work around a full-time job. I enjoy how I am able to complete assignments on my own time, yet still stay on task, as there are deadlines set each week. I enjoy the online program, because each class is essentially formatted the same; however, each professor adds their own unique twist.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I would love to work in a holistic wellness clinic among a functional medicine health care team. I believe consulting with clients on making healthy lifestyle changes and seeing them overcome disease and live their best lives would be the most rewarding career.

What is your favorite way to relieve stress outside the office and classroom?

My favorite way to relieve stress on a daily basis is going to the gym for circuit/strength training. I also absolutely love being outdoors whether it’s playing soccer, beach volleyball, running, hiking, or just simply watching the sunset.