Idaho Certification in Clinical Nutrition Courses

University of Western States, which offers a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (HNFM), is pleased to offer Idaho chiropractic physicians a package of courses that may be taken as part of the requirements* to apply for the Clinical Nutrition Certification through the state of Idaho board of chiropractic physicians. This is not a degree program and no diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of courses.

Applicants will also need to complete the state required practicum in intravenous and injectable nutrient therapy. This is a continuing education course that is available through The Professional Development Academy and Dr. Laurence Hicks.

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Courses through University of Western States | 77 hours/7 credits

Didactic Clinical Nutrition Courses

2023-2024 Cost: 7 quarter credits – three courses total – $568 per credit. Tuition, as determined annually by the UWS Board of Trustees, for July 1, 2023 -June 30, 2024 is $568 per credit.

Time Requirements for the Courses: University of Western States operates on the quarter system. For each of the four quarters in the year, the academic term has 10 weeks of coursework followed by a final exam week. Courses in the human nutrition and functional medicine program are flexibly scheduled and constructed so that the average student will spend three hours per credit per week on their studies. This includes all aspects of the course (assigned readings, listening to lectures, participating on the discussion forums, taking quizzes or exams, etc.)

How Do I Apply for the University of Western States Courses? Submit a Graduate Non-Degree application ($50 fee) as the first registration step. All applicants will be required to submit official or unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. UWS courses are offered on a quarterly basis. You are welcome to apply for the next starting point. Starting points are typically January, April, July and October. Contact the admissions office at 503-251-5734 or email [email protected] with any application questions.

MSN 6101 – Evidence-based Nutrition (3 credits) 

This course provides core knowledge in evidence-based nutrition with a focus on the role of nutrition in health optimization and disease treatment. Students will gain a detailed understanding of the practical application of various nutrients and dietary strategies used in clinical practice. Discussions will also incorporate the three components of evidence-based health care (clinical expertise, patient preference, research evidence) into the decision-making and data-analysis process.

MSN6105 – Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Assessment (3 Credits)

This course explores the molecular basis of important physiological imbalances and illness states associated with aberrant metabolic function. Special emphasis is given to nutrition-responsive conditions. Through the evaluation of various laboratory testing methods, students will learn to gather clinically relevant data, assess key findings, and connect test results with elements of the nutrition-focused care plan.

MSN 8125 – Pharmacology and Drug-Nutrient Interactions (2 credits)

This course provides a practical overview of pharmacologic therapy used in the management of ambulatory patients with chronic illnesses or non-life threatening acute illnesses. The student will study the effects of drugs on organ systems and diseases and the mechanism of action (pharmacodynamics), the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs (A.D.M.E. of pharmacokinetics), potential toxic effects of medications, factors affecting the effectiveness of drugs, and interactions with drugs, botanical compounds, foods, and nutritional supplements.

Course Offered Through The Professional Development Academy in Twin Falls, ID | 24 hours

Practicum in Intravenous and Injectable Nutrient Therapy

The course learning objectives include ensuring the safe use and proper prescription of injectable nutrients, while maintaining optimum patient comfort, developing awareness of and response to adverse effects and to manage mild, urgent and emergent adverse events. Also, to develop competence and understanding in the pharmacology of, and indication for the use of parenteral vitamins A and C, all B vitamins, Ammonium Molybdate, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Selenium, Zinc, Epinephrine, O2 and various IV fluids.

This course also includes Basic Life Support Training: CPR, AED and First Aid.

Contact Laurence Hicks, DC, DO, for details about dates, locations and fees.

Phone: 208-733-4444 | Fax: 208-733-4456 | Email: [email protected]

Credits for this course are certified by the UWS Continuing Education office.

Idaho Laws

Idaho Laws regarding Chiropractic Clinical Nutrition Certification

*Applicant is responsible for determining that the courses and practicum meet their needs and the current requirements to apply for the Clinical Nutrition Certification through the state of Idaho board of chiropractic physicians.