Exercise and Sport Science

UWS is conducting an assessment of the exercise and sport science program, therefore enrollment into program has been suspended until further notice. Please contact Colm Joyce, Dean of Enrollment and Student Services, with any questions.


The University of Western States (UWS) exercise and sport science (ESS) accredited master’s degree program prepares graduates to provide expert education, guidance and services as leaders in the fields of exercise, fitness and wellness. Taught by renowned faculty with extensive health and fitness experience, our comprehensive, evidence-informed curriculum prepares students with the firsthand knowledge needed to succeed in this diverse field.

Students can choose one of two concentrations: nutrition or health and wellness promotion. Nutrition focuses on human movement, as well as the role that nutrition can play in overall health and well-being. Health and wellness promotion likewise focuses on human movement, as well as the roles that physical activity and movement play in human health.


Program Concentrations

health and wellness promotion in exercise and sport science nutrition concentration in exercise and sport science

Health and Wellness Promotion
This concentration provides a foundation in the study of human movement and the roles physical activity and exercise play in human health. It provides better understanding on how to work within any community to promote overall health and well-being through lifestyle changes.

This concentration provides a strong foundation in the study of human movement as an integral component of health and includes an introduction to the role nutrition can also play on overall health and well-being.