Benefit of the UWS Sports Medicine Program to Medical Practitioners

sports medicine program

By: Brent Marshall, EdD, MS, LAT, ATC, CES, UWS sports medicine program assistant professor

What is the sports medicine degree at UWS?

The sports medicine program at UWS is a two-year degree program, which is made up of a clinically focused and evidence-informed curriculum. The program is for students who are concurrently enrolled in a first professional health care degree or practicing clinicians who have already earned a first-professional degree (AT, DO, PT, DC, for example). The main hallmark of the program is to learn in an evidence-informed program which emphasizes knowledge and skills specific to sports medicine and work to enhance the individual’s knowledge of injuries and illnesses that affect active persons.

How does this degree set people apart?

Our sports medicine program sets clinicians apart by taking their existing knowledge and skills of assessment, treatment, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and other clinical skills and enhances them by focusing knowledge to an athletic and sport focused mindset. This allows for a more diverse, relevant and clinically appropriate care to athletes and people engaged in physical activity.

Why should providers pursue this additional degree?

Earning a master’s in sports medicine through UWS provides the practicing clinician, or dually-enrolled student more knowledge and skills to assist athletes of all ages and abilities. These skills are invaluable for a clinician who works with athletes of any level regardless if they are youth, collegiate, professional or amateur. The hands-on skills learned through lab courses and hands-on practicums help clinicians reinforce content learned in the virtual classroom. This format allows direct application of knowledge in courses and permits students the ability to refine and enhance their skills throughout the program. Upon graduation students will have been exposed to a broad range of courses on whole person health care. This includes aspects of general health, orthopedic conditions, nutrition, performance, and sport psychology. As a result, graduates can work in a variety of sports settings from clinic to venue-side care.

About the sports medicine program: A master’s degree in sports medicine is a natural fit for chiropractic physicians and other health care professionals who desire a specialty practice working with athletes. A sports medicine master’s degree can open up opportunities to work with various sports teams (high school, collegiate and professional) and in sports-related facilities. In addition, this degree provides appropriate credentials for teaching in higher-education settings. Learn more!