Doctor of Education (EdD)

doctor of education in sport and performance psychology


The EdD program in Sport and Performance Psychology is designed to offer advanced training for individuals in coaching, business, counseling, health care, education, leadership and administrative careers. This program includes a concentration option in positive leadership and administration, and a mental health counseling specialization. Students may also complete coursework for the sports nutrition and applied sport psychology certificate within the individualized coursework option.

About Program

The UWS Doctor of Education degree is a blend between a research oriented PhD and an applied clinical psychology doctorate (Psy-D) designed to allow students to meet their specific career goals and educational needs.

The doctoral program is 60-90 quarter credits beyond a master’s degree or a minimum of 114 credits beyond a bachelor’s degree for dually enrolled MS/EdD students. For those seeking to become a licensed professional counselor, the minimum is 90 quarter credits (equivalent to 60 semester hours). The total number of credits varies depending on advance standing and the chosen specialization.

Specialized knowledge and skills are required to become a Certified Consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP) and to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Personalized coursework options within the degree provide an opportunity for students to meet the certification requirements as well as state and national examination graduate coursework requirements for the:

  1. Certified Consultant – Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CMPC®)
  2. National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE)
  3. National Counselor Examination (NCE) for licensure and certification
  4. State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) coursework requirements

The doctoral program is 60-90 quarter credits beyond a master’s degree or a minimum of 114 credits beyond a bachelor’s degree. The total number of credits for program completion varies depending on advanced standing from student’s previous graduate degree(s) and the completion path chosen (specialization, concentration or individual studies option). Beyond the EdD counseling core coursework of 40 credits, students then select one of three available options to complete the degree. For counseling licensure eligibility, the counseling specialization and a minimum of 90 counseling credits is required. See tables below for details on the three available EdD program of study options.

EdD completion pathways

EdD completion paths for undergrad