Tim Brinkman

Doctor of Chiropractic Student


Program & Concentration: Doctor of Chiropractic

Hometown: Palatine, Ill.

Expected Graduation Date: June 2019

Prior Education or Experience: BS of Biology and Psychology at Loyola University Chicago

Bio: Tim Brinkman attended Loyola University in Chicago where he earned a BS in biology and psychology before working in the Michelin Star realm of restaurants in downtown Chicago for a few years, taking time to travel and work for doctors in underprivileged countries when he could. He decided on University of Western States in his pursuit of practicing chiropractic in hopes of bringing emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach to the healing of a whole person. Brinkman was involved in the associated student body (ASB) through eight quarters, while concurrently acting as the Standard Process representative for the campus. His dream is to either work in or run a practice employing several professionals who are passionate about healing patients together, and in such a way that allows Brinkman and his soon-to-be wife Jess, a doctor of physical therapy, to travel and serve underprivileged countries at least yearly with treatment and education.

Why did you choose UWS?

The university’s focus on not just teaching evidence-based methods while introducing ideas beyond that, but also teaching how to investigate the evidence that will continue to compile in the future was a big draw for me. Secondly, but not too far behind, was the ability to walk outside Hampton Hall and feel a little more at peace under Mounts Hood and Helen, as opposed to the potential concrete jungles of other schools.

Why did you choose your program/concentration?

I always knew helping and healing was my strength; the instruction and breadth of knowledge and application gained through studying for this program will give me real-life tools to change people’s lives, in ways big or small.

What has been your favorite class/instructor?

Favorite classes have been review lab courses, like Cervical Case Management with Dr. Betsy Mitchell. Always calm, collected, directed and hilarious, she has a way of bringing her immense knowledge to a group of chiropractic babies and teaching us how to tune into finer points of movement and healing.

What is your favorite part about attending UWS as a student?

Honestly, beyond what we learn and get exposed to on a daily basis, Portland itself has been my favorite part. The pockets of the perfectly strange that balance out the incredible natural beauty of the surrounding area, from mountains to coast, have made this experience a whole body one.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

Start a family as soon as my fiancée lets me. Then, as soon as possible, become a part of or start a truly interdisciplinary practice that collaborates with Global Medical Brigades or some other international group to bring care to underprivileged countries. I had experience with the incredible amount of change 10 minutes can bring to such populations when I partook in the Brigades to Honduras for two weeks, during two consecutive years, and I crave it.

Favorite way to relieve stress from school?

A perfect balance of a hike or quick overnight on a less-traveled trail with my fiancée and puppy, followed by a cocktail at Vintage on Stark.