Stephanie Halloran, DC, MS

HNFM Course Facilitator

Stephanie Halloran was the 2020 UWS Alumni of the Year. Learn more about her achievements and nominate someone for the upcoming recognition award.

Stephanie Halloran came to UWS with an interest in nutrition and exercise and experience in research. Encouraged by her sister, she decided to get more involved in the chiropractic profession and attended the National Chiropractic Leadership Council in 2014. Recently, she was appointed as co-chair of the Student American Chiropractic Association’s (SACA) Specialty Council Committee. In this new national position, she hopes to encourage chiropractic students to get involved in the numerous specialties available to chiropractors, such as pediatrics, functional neurology and diagnostic imaging. Currently, the UWS chapter of SACA offers quarterly lunch forums to introduce students to local chiropractors who have certified in one of these specialties.

Expected Graduation Date: September 2016
Program/Concentration: Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
Hometown: Aurora, IL
Prior schooling or work experience: BS in Kinesiology from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (2011), Personal Trainer and Nutrition Team Lead at Life Time Fitness, Burr Ridge, Ill.i (2011-2013)

Why did you choose UWS? Why did you choose your program/concentration?
I have always been very science-based and wanted a school that would give me a well-rounded medical education. I found that at UWS, I wouldn’t be pigeon-holed into only musculoskeletal, but instead would be exposed to many different options on how to practice and help people. After seeing the anatomy building on a tour, realizing I have the opportunity to pursue a masters degree in human nutrition and functional medicine, and noting UWS’ continued superiority with board testing – I was sold.

What has been your favorite class/instructor?
That’s tough. My favorite classes are physiology II and nutrition. My interest has always been in classes that involve nutrition/hormones and how the body responds to small changes. My favorite professors are most definitely Jim Carollo and Dr. Gary Schultz. They are both so passionate about the subjects they teach and are able to translate their brilliance into something first year chiropractic students can make sense of.

What is your favorite part about attending UWS as a student?
Coming from the Chicago suburbs, it is refreshing to be surrounded by mountains and so many nice people. There is no shortage of hikes to go on when you have a stressful day at school or coffee shops to post up at when you have a long day of studying ahead of you.

What has been the most surprising part of attending UWS?
How close everyone in the program is. I attended a very large university and really only talked to the same 10 people in my major. Here, they mix up who you have labs with every quarter and the classes are so small, you get to know almost everyone in your quarter. By the end of the first year we are like a little family.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
I intend on being a primary care physician, treating people who are plagued by many chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. I want to use non-pharmaceutical methods to get these people off of their medications and teach them how to change their lifestyles (via diet, exercise, daily activities) so they can live long, fulfilling lives. My ultimate goal would be to open a non-profit in many major cities and teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle while staying within their means.

Favorite thing to do in Portland?
There are so many things to do in and around Portland! On a beautiful fall or summer day I like to drive down the highway through the Columbia River Gorge to a small town about an hour away called Hood River. It’s a very walkable town and in the summertime it’s swarmed with kite surfers. There are also plenty of wine tasting rooms, breweries and boutiques. It’s close enough that I can drive out for the day but far enough away that it removes me from the city.