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Bridging the Generational Gap

Ever hear someone say, “Kids these days–they have no work ethic and they have such a sense of entitlement!” Or how about, “Old folks are so stuck in their ways–they resist any new ideas– it’s so hard to work with them!” Frustrations like these can arise when we work with people from different generations. Yet, did you know that these characteristics exist for a reason? There are historical and cultural explanations for why our generations approach their work in very different ways. From the wars we grew up with to the cultural shifts in society, there are a variety of factors that influence how we view work, rewards, and even our career path. Find out how each generation defines work expectations differently and what to do when you come to certain cross roads.

Coaching for Great Results

Great coaches often bring out performance results that employees may not realize they can accomplish. Supervisors who proactively coach employees to deliver great results encourage them to be accountable for their work performance and take on new responsibilities. Effective coaching can enhance employee moral while improving productivity.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Many organizations spend way too much time chasing smoke but never the source of the fire. The reason for this phenomenon is that most problem-solving activities are free-wheeling, hitand-miss affairs. The result is that we apply Band-Aid quick fixes to problems that inevitably reoccur. This course presents an approach to problem-solving that starts with critical thinking and selecting the most appropriate approach, with in class exercises. If your organization would benefit from addressing problems once and fixing them for good, this program is for you.

Time Management and Delegation

Most managers and supervisors face the inevitable challenge to accomplish more with less.  The result too often is 12-hour days with no end in sight. Time is the great equalizer – there are 60 minutes per hour, whether you use them well or poorly. Since you can’t find more, buy more, save more or get more time, learn to use each minute as if there were a finite supply available. Additionally, delegation is the single most effective tool we have in our arsenal for developing our staff, yet few leaders have any training in how to delegate effectively. Utilize these tools to more effectively manage your time and improve your delegation skills.


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