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graduate 1984

 Dr. William Leff | 1984

After 36 years of practice, I’m amazed I still enjoy helping people so much. I’ve cut down to a very full Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with some paperwork on the off days.

What I’m glad to see is that the profession is still growing and professional. We get more respect every day and the amount of good we do by helping people avoid expensive and risky back surgeries, means that every day is a win for society.

The other life changing event is that I had two children late in life. I’m 64 with a one year old, and a three year old daughter to keep me busy and working. 

Dr. Rick & Dr. Elaine LaMarche | 1985

Greetings old friends! After 30 years of practicing in Woodinville, WA, we sold the practice.

Rick does a volunteer practice once weekly at Lahai Health in Seattle, and Elaine is loving free time to do art. We moved to Pacific Beach, WA in September 2021, living on a bluff overlooking the beach and the blue Pacific.

Shortly after the move, Rick was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer, resulting in weekly 300-mile round trips to Seattle for treatment. Prognosis is good, but immunotherapy infusions will continue for another year. Getting stronger and feeling better every day. Life is good!

Dr. Harvey Schwartz | 1979

I retired from practice in 2004. Since then, I’ve been an avid gardener, been in an improv group and taken twenty-two creative writing classes at Western Washington University with mostly twenty year olds as classmates.

These days I walk a lot, write a fair amount and my latest passion is our camper van “Rigalberta Van DeKamp” (affectionately known as Riggy).

Colleen and I have been married 46 years. My son Devan produces shows on NPR, my son Jerome is a TV writer as is his wife Shannon. They are also about to create two new shows. They have two sons five and ten.