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graduate 1984

William Leff, DC | 1984

After 36 years of practice, I’m amazed I still enjoy helping people so much. I’ve cut down to a very full Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with some paperwork on the off days.

What I’m glad to see is that the profession is still growing and professional. We get more respect every day and the amount of good we do by helping people avoid expensive and risky back surgeries, means that every day is a win for society.

The other life changing event is that I had two children late in life. I’m 64 with a one year old, and a three year old daughter to keep me busy and working. 

Rick LaMarche, DC                                          Elaine LaMarche, DC | 1985

Greetings old friends! After 30 years of practicing in Woodinville, WA, we sold the practice.

Rick does a volunteer practice once weekly at Lahai Health in Seattle, and Elaine is loving free time to do art. We moved to Pacific Beach, WA in September 2021, living on a bluff overlooking the beach and the blue Pacific.

Shortly after the move, Rick was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer, resulting in weekly 300-mile round trips to Seattle for treatment. Prognosis is good, but immunotherapy infusions will continue for another year. Getting stronger and feeling better every day. Life is good!

Dr. Harvey Schwartz headshot

Harvey Schwartz, DC | 1979

I received my DC degree at Western States in 1979, and practiced for twenty-five years in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Bellingham, WA. In 2003, my career was highlighted with a cover story in “Chiropractic Economics.” My career was rewarding in many ways and of course intense. As we all know that intensity included learning to be a healer, managing patients and staff, and learning to have clear intentions with everyone.

I retired from practice in 2004. Since then, I’ve been an avid gardener, been in an improv group, taken twenty-three creative writing classes at Western Washington University with mostly twenty-year-olds classmates, and created a website with a collection of my writings.

Colleen and I have been married 46 years. My son Devan produces shows on NPR, my son Jerome is a TV writer as is his wife Shannon. They are also about to create two new shows. They have two sons five and ten.

I would be happy to discuss creative ideas for a chiropractic career with any student who would like someone with a bit of experience to brainstorm with or to ask questions. I’d also love to hear from any former compadres from chiropractic school.

Dr. Beatrice Schaer

Beatrice Schaer, DC | 1998

Nearly 25 years after graduation, I now live and have since (2004) in London (UK).

I stepped away from working with patients as a chiropractor, and now work as a rehabilitation specialist and strength coach.

I am also currently enrolled in the UWS sport and performance psychology program. Being back at the university, even if just online, is both enjoyable and challenging at the same time.


Westley Kuns, DC

Westley Kuns, DC | 1998

It has been quite the run for 26 years. I took over for Dr. David MacFadden DC in 1997 in a little 650 sq/ft building, and in 2003 updated the building to 1800 sq/ft with newer amenities and have been here ever since. The practice is in Gresham, OR, the place where I grew up, my kids grew up and I still live.

I have reinvented myself a couple times. I find different facets of chiropractic fascinating. The longer I am in practice the more I am excited about more pure philosophy of chiropractic and working with patients. I have gotten to see the introduction of decompression traction, digital x-ray, and shockwave therapy, all while having the honor of the memory of shaking the hand of Parker, Sigafoose and Gold.

My hope is that UWS continues to put out high quality chiropractors that will continue to grow our ranks of strong philosophical chiropractors. I will continue to do my part for some time, but I hope when the time comes to pass the baton, the young DC’s standing there will be strong, ready and willing.


Dr. Don Bonney

Don Bonney, DC | 1985

Greetings from Corrales, Nuevo Mexico! After 34 years of patient- centered care I have continued engaging the profession as a case reviewer offering medicolegal consulting and expert testimony across the country.

I am a commercial hot air balloon pilot and flight instructor flying for 20 years in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and California. More recently, I have been a long-distance hiker and backpacker throughout the southwest hiking the Grand Canyon up to twice a year for many years.

Our family has grown with three children and five grandkids of whom we are all proud. Caryl and I recently faced the gift of cancer after I was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma in November 2021. I was fortunate to be accepted at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, with a successful thoracotomy and left lower lobectomy in November 2022, after immunotherapy had provided all it could.

Some of my greatest memories of UWS were Dr. Richard Stonebrink and the belly dancer, as well as sitting with Dr. Appa Anderson in radiology. I also still smile remembering Dr. Paul Shervey demonstrating how to open a cranium in anatomy lab, and thereby catching his surgical glove in the whirling saw. Kudos as well to all the other wonderful physicians and educators at UWS who helped to shape my career.

Caryl and I wish for each of you peace, joy and contentment. For the new graduates, I wish for you abundant success as you enter this dynamic and critical profession.


Melvin Bornstein, DC | 1979

I’ve worked in Oregon and California for just under 20 years, and I Memorably and thoroughly enjoyed my years as a Western States Chiropractic College student.

Other practice highlights achieved include, living and practicing for one year in Italy and twenty-two years in Sweden, gaining Swedish/EU citizens status. I repatriated to Bend, OR, in 2011.

Dr. Alan Cook

Alan Cook, DC | 1989

Life is good. I’m retired, as I want to be, residing in the redwoods in northern California.

The current chapter in this stage of life includes ample physical and mental activities. Physical activities include running on the beach, backpacking, growing food and carpentry. Mental activities include writing and working with chiropractic continuing education via EasyWebCE.