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Did you know functional medicine has been around for 20 years and yet, practitioners still disagree about what it is or how to do it properly?

Functional Medicine was originally designed to avoid the pitfalls of conventional medicine.  For example, Functional Medicine was designed to:

  • NOT focus on particular organ or system
  • NOT make prescriptions merely on symptoms
  • NOT focus on one specific modality or dysfunction

Yet when I look around at what many Functional Medicine practitioners are actually doing today, they are:

  • Focusing on the adrenals, gut, nervous system, or other isolated body part
  • Giving supplements to boost energy, reduce pain, or otherwise deal with symptoms
  • Specialize in things like detox, leaky gut, or food sensitivities

And that’s not all – as an industry we doing a lot of things wrong, especially in light of the scientific literature suggesting otherwise. Things like:

  • Using an old, outdated model of glucose dysregulation, thinking insulin’s job is to get glucose into cells
  • Putting people on completely worthless “detox” programs that at best are ineffective and at worst, may even be making people even worse
  • Calling low cortisol “adrenal fatigue” when in fact, the adrenals never get tired
  • Merely throwing a handful of mitochondrial supplements at someone, when in fact it might make their mitochondria even worse

To me this is a problem.

We need to refocus our efforts on what Functional Medicine was designed to be.  We need to take a good look at the scientific research to see if what we’re doing can be improved, modified, or in some cases, even dropped all together.

For example:

  • Why are we jumping to expensive and scientifically-questionable functional medicine labs when the research is very clear on the clinical utility and accuracy of a standard blood chemistry test?
  • Why are we using arbitrary “optimal” reference ranges, when there are clearly evidence-based reference ranges we should be using?
  • Why are we reaching for advanced tests and diagnoses, when we aren’t first adequately (or accurately) assessing fundamental things such as micronutrient deficiencies?

Saying “death begins in the colon” or “thyroid is the master metabolism hormone” or “the nervous system runs the body” as justification for only looking at the body through one set of lenses, may have a nice ring to them or be cute sound bites, but ultimately will fail patients.

And ultimately, it means that patients aren’t getting helped. Today, I’m making it easier than ever to step into the 21st century and up your functional medicine game.

How?  Because I’m bringing a live, two-day weekend course, right into your back yard. That’s right, my family and I are hopping in an RV, traveling to 12 cities in the U.S (and one in the UK), with the intention of raising the bar in functional medicine and helping you be the best practitioner you can be.

As I said, the Functional Medicine + Family Weekend Seminar is a culmination of my life’s work, including new information I haven’t taught anywhere.


CEU Approval: 16 Hours for DCs, 21 Hours for Nutritionists, 21 for Naturopathic Doctors!

Only $799

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