Alex Pham

As I got to know UWS a bit more, I recognized that it was the place for me, especially with their emphasis on evidence-based

Melissa White

I chose UWS because I felt that it was the best option for me to achieve my goal of attaining the Certified Mental Performance

Adeleke Adesina

My favorite part about the online format was the flexibility to do the work on my own time. I also liked the variety of methods

Brianna Dutton, DC

Choosing UWS was a very easy choice because of all it has to offer, including opportunities to teach, lead my own research

Rusty Kjos, DC

I often reflect back on the classes we took and how they challenged us to think critically and become better students and

Stephanie Halloran

I wanted a school that would give me a well-rounded medical education. I found that at UWS, I wouldn’t be pigeon-holed into

Megan Adams

After finding out that UWS offered a master’s degree in sports medicine, I was sold. I’ve always known that I wanted my

Jenniferlyn Kryvicky

I went in knowing that I wanted to further expand my credentials in functional medicine and nutrition, however I did not expect