Timothy Ray, DC

Director of Sports Medicine


Email: tray@uws.edu

Phone: 503-251-5709

To perspective and current students:

I have always been a chiropractor. I started studying straight out of high school, and was practicing by the age of twenty-two. In the course of my years of practice, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to countless people from a variety of professions who had the wisdom and foresight in lending a hand to give me a step up in the directions I was attempting to go. Because of this, I have been able to assist and witness the growth of the chiropractic profession and sports medicine from a global perspective.

The experience of learning multi-disciplinary athlete care in over 50 countries has given me a rare insight to the care and treatment of the athlete, sports medicine, the chiropractic profession and the specialty of sports chiropractic. With these insights I intend to continue in the wisdom of those who shared their knowledge and vision with me to ensure and continue the great work going on at University of Western States, providing you the best education available.