Paz Etcheverry, PhD


Dr. Etcheverry earned her BS in food science at Cornell University, her MS in food science and nutrition at North Carolina State University and her PhD in food science and technology from Cornell University. Prior to teaching at University of Western States, she was a faculty member and nutrition researcher at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, with mineral bioavailability as her primary research emphasis. Dr. Etcheverry is now a science editor at Oxford Science Editing and Bioscience Writers and a medical writer at M.P. PharmaMed Writing Solutions. She is a member of the American Society of Nutrition.

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Functional Medicine
  • Evidence-Based Nutrition
  • Nutrition through the Life Cycle


  • In vitro bioavailability methods for calcium, carotenoids, folate, iron, magnesium, polyphenols, zinc and vitamins B6, B12, D, and E.
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