Pamela Gray Verhulst

Adjunct Professor

Pamela Gray Verhulst, “Ms. V”, currently resides in Ripon, Wis. She has served more than 33 years in the exercise and sports science world as a faculty member and coach. She is currently the director of recreation in Clintonville, Wis., and is a doctoral candidate in sports management/sport coaching with specialty in leadership at the United States Sports Academy (USSA). A high school and collegiate tennis, cross country and track and field athlete, she is a 43-year competitive distance runner, with two Olympic trial marathon experiences. She still runs and races with her husband, Len. She has a daughter, Britni, and granddaughter, Evelyn Rae.

1.  What made you decide to pursue a career in exercise and sports science?  I decided to pursue a career in exercise and sports science because of the physical aspect. I have been an innately active person my entire life. During my undergrad, physical education was the only career in the world of health and physical education. Four years later during my senior year, a new program called sport management surfaced. It eventually evolved into exercise science, which brings us to today.

2.  What excited you about the opportunity to teach at UWS for the online ESS program?  The opportunity to teach at UWS for the masters of exercise science program is an awesome chance to give back to students engaging in fitness, wellness, coaching, sport management and leadership careers. After teaching and coaching for 33 years, I’m excited to bring my experience to the program. This program is historical for UWS, first time masters students and faculty are laying the groundwork for the future of this program and I am honored to be a part of this.

3.  What’s your favorite stress-relieving activity?  My favorite stress-relieving activity is climbing and running on trails in the mountains. I have been running for 42 years, and this is my most favorite spot to be. It’s wonderful to be somewhere so desolate and beautiful and really celebrate the endurance of your body.

4.  What has been your favorite moment on the job?  My favorite moment on the job is when you have the “teachable moment.” You cannot top the moment when there is silence in the room while you are teaching and you can tell they are getting it, they are learning new things from your experiences. Being able to teach a student one thing that they carry the rest of their life — that is a job well done.

5.  What’s your favorite sport and why?  I am an all-around sports person, thus naming a favorite is tough. Most people think that because “I am a runner,” that this is my favorite sport. I have endured  more than 300,000 miles during my running career, although it has been tough and challenging, it is who I am. I would also have to add tennis as one of my favorites. I love the movement and coordination that it brings to the table. I love putting the ball away on an opponent. I was a division I recruit in tennis and continue to play as much as I can.