Neva Smith

MS SPP Student

neva smith

Program & Concentration: Master of Science in Sports and Performance Psychology

Hometown: Roseburg, Oregon

Expected Graduation Date: 2018

Prior Education or Experience: Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science at Oregon State University

Brief Bio: I grew up in Roseburg, Oregon as a two-sport athlete in volleyball and track and field. I received my Bachelor of Science at Oregon State University in Exercise and Sports Science with an emphasis in physical therapy. While I was at Oregon State University, I was a part of various intermural sports, and was a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. My favorite part of my undergraduate career was when I volunteered for a program called IMPACT (Individualized Movement and Physical Activity for Children Today).This program provided physical activity and a great outlet for children and young adults with special needs.

Why did you choose UWS? Why did you choose SPP?
I chose the SPP program at UWS because I feel like our society neglects the mental state of athletes and other high-performance individuals. Through my whole undergraduate career, the focus was specifically on the physical responses of an individual and less on the psychological responses that can affect performance. I loved the SPP program curriculum at UWS and the personal help I received from the staff made it an easy decision to choose UWS.

What has been your favorite class/instructor?
My favorite instructor is Dr. Conrad Woolsey. He gives an excellent understanding of the material you are learning and he also has been someone you can look up to as a mentor in the program.

What has been your experience with learning in SPP’s online environment?
I love the online environment. It’s structured in an organized way and the program gives you the ability to work on the material on your own time.

What has been the most surprising part of attending UWS?
The most surprising part of attending UWS was the support I received from the staff and teachers from the very beginning. I felt like I was a part of the UWS community before I even applied.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
I hope to use my degree for either being a psychologist for athletes or working with special forces in the military.

Favorite way to get some stress out from school?
My favorite way to relieve myself of stress is finding any way to get outside in nature. Hiking to waterfalls and finding hidden gems in the Umpqua National Forest has become one of my favorite hobbies.