Molly Pearl Owen Peters, LMT

Massage Therapy Alumna

Graduated: Spring 2011
Where are you living? Portland
Prior Schooling: BA in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management from University of Wisconsin-Stout

1. Tell us about what you have been up to since graduation? What are you doing now?
I immediately started Molly Pearl Co. in the Hollywood District after graduation and also worked alongside Lisa Patenode, DC at Balance NW for a year. I no longer work for Dr. Patenode and have expanded Molly Pearl Co. to a second massage studio in the Pearl District. Massage has kept me busy, but I’ve also continued to write recipes, meal plans and shopping lists for three Paleo websites. I also just finished writing and photographing for my first cookbook (due to be published this December) through the Idiot’s Guide Series (Paleo Slow Cooking). My fiancé and I are also collaborating on a new Paleo website of our own that we plan to launch in October of this year.

2. When you look back at your experience at UWS, what sticks out the most? How did your time at UWS prepare you for your career/life?
I loved the intensity of the program. It was very academic, and I appreciated that it pushed all of us. I’m convinced that it’s the best massage program in Portland, and it’s accredited, so you don’t just learn what you need for massage – you learn to form a larger picture.

3. Are you still close to any of your classmates and do you try to get together?
No…I’m terrible…and terribly busy. But I do see and hear via Facebook and email that others are excelling and doing great things.

4. What made you choose UWS over other schools?
So many reasons. The classes are accredited. It just made sense to go to a school that would either set me up with pre-reqs for something else, or give me a broader science-based education. I don’t have much tolerance for the “woo-woo” massage industry, and UWS was the only program in PDX whose program matched my goals. Eric Polgar was in admissions at the time, and his intelligence and competence completely sold me on the program from the very start. The gross anatomy lab was definitely a bonus. I also wanted to get into a clinic setting as soon as possible, and UWS allowed for that right away.

5. What made you decide on this education/career path?
I had been in restaurant and hotel management and corporate sales prior to UWS. I was sick of working for other people, wanted more control over my schedule and time, and wanted my job to better suit my values. I’ve always been interested in massage, and it seemed like the right time and place to make the change.

6. WILD CARD! Which class/instructor was your favorite?
I liked the large majority of my instructors, so it doesn’t really seem fair to single anyone out, but I will say that Dr. Carrie Ebling was one of the best instructors I’ve ever encountered. She made the program for me, and I honestly think she is a huge part of why the program is so successful on an academic level. Her intelligence and skill, combined with her ability to teach are a tremendous asset.