Kaylan Smith

CMHC Course Facilitator

Kaylan Smith is a graduate of George Fox University (MA, 2012) in marriage, couple and family counseling.  After graduation Kaylan chose (perhaps urged by her now husband) to move to the Oregon Coast and take a job working at a small coastal agency where she started out specializing in children and families. After several years in that role and many meetings (so many) with DHS on the severity of choices on children in the system and their responses to trauma, Kaylan started into her training for EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to work on a specialty more focused on trauma. As choices tend to do, this created several paths for working with clients from all walks of life, including veterans. Kaylan realized that she had a passion for helping veterans and has been focusing on that population more recently. This has included looking at adding in an equine therapy component to trauma treatment, as well as additional alternative treatments. Kaylan also has her Master Addiction Certification and works a lot with dual diagnosis clients. Working in a small rural area, Kaylan has gotten the experience with a large variety of clients and systems. This has been eye-opening to her not only with gaining vast hands on knowledge with many populations but has also helped her to continue to identify her areas of professional interests. At this time Kaylan continues to function as a full time licensed professional counselor, started facilitating classes at UWS in the summer of 2019 and is moving into building herself up as a clinical supervisor. In her free time Kaylan is an accomplished athlete with multiple world championships within the equestrian world, enjoys spending time with her eclectic menagerie of animals on her small farm, and spends as much time as physically possible with her husband and two small children.