Jordan Pham

Student Ambassador


Program & Concentration: Doctor of Chiropractic; MS Sports Medicine

My name is Jordan Pham and I’m from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am a Q7 DC student and enrolled in the MS Sports Medicine program at UWS. I have an immense interest in biomechanics, musculoskeletal injuries and sports which drove my decision to attend the DC and Sports Medicine program at UWS. I also enjoy watching and playing all types of sports and am always open to a conversation so feel free to message or come up and talk to me about anything!

Why I Chose UWS: I chose UWS after shadowing chiropractors who are UWS alumni and they shared their unique personal experiences. I appreciate the evidence-informed and integrated approach the educational programs at UWS take to prepare students for their future careers and practice. It is important to understand the use of research literature in combination with clinical experience and patient goals to provide patients with the most beneficial care. I agree with how UWS emphasizes treating the whole person through the biopsychosocial model and believe the programs have educated me well thus far.